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Pay What You Want SEO

If you have been looking at the prices that London SEO Companies charge then you would have seen that they can vary tremendously.
Some companies charge a monthly fee anything from £100 a month to £500 a month. Others charge a yearly fee which can be anything from £300 a year up to £1,000s a year. How are you supposed to decide which one to take up ?

The amount that you decide to pay is no indicator of the type of service you will receive or of the positions that will be achieved.

One of my clients paid another SEO company £500 a month for 6 months and they did not even get his website in the Google results !

With my SEO service you can try me out first before you commit to any long term payment.

Then when you see that I am able to get your website in the Google search results for your targeted keywords and also move it up we can decide on what you would like to pay.

How my Pay What You Want SEO works
You provide me with a list of which keywords you want your website to appear for in the Google results. If you are not sure which keywords I can carry out some research.

Then for just £75 I will work for you on a trial basis and get your targeted keywords in the Google search engine results and prove that I can do it before you pay any more.

After the trial period is over and when you are happy with my service and positions achieved we can decide on what you would like to pay for me to continue.

What if we can not agree on an amount for me to pay ?
When you decided to have SEO carried out on your website you must have had some kind of figure in mind that you wanted to pay for SEO.
All you need to do is tell me what you would like to pay for SEO and I will let you know if that is acceptable, it's that simple.

Why do you work like this ?
By working like this everybody is happy.
You are happy because you can see exactly what you will be getting for your money, plus you are also paying what you wanted to pay. I am happy because I have another paying client that I may not have had otherwise.

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