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There are two types of inbound links.

1. Basic un-optimised links.
2. Optimised links.

Basic links will help increase your Google Page Rank but will not improve your positions in the Google results.

Optimised keyword links will move your website up the Google search results.

Once your website appears in the Google results for your targeted keywords your on-site SEO is probably as it should be.

To move your website up the Google results further you need to have your off-site SEO - link building just right.

My optimised links service works as follows:

Say your website is page 5 for the keyword, iphone repairs, by setting up my optimised links I will be able to move your website up the Google results.

I will not charge you anything up front.

You pay nothing until your website appears first or second page Google for your keyword.

I am able to do this because I have total control over the links I set up.

When your website appears first or second page and you see the increase in visitors this generates we agree on how much you are prepared to pay for the extra visitors and for my links to remain in place.

If we can not reach an agreement on the cost I simply remove the links and your website will slowly begin to drop back to the lower position.

move your keyword up the Google results

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